Saeed Real Estalte  has developed a simple statement that encapsulates our aspirations and is expressed in a manner which can be interpreted from the standpoints of both clients and membership. We shape a better world …To enhance prosperity and the quality of life …To deliver real value …To have the freedom to be creative and to learn.
Buildings are made by people, in the largest sense of that word. This includes realtors, architects, builders, clients, consultants, occupants, neighbors, and communities. Anyone whose life is affected by a building has a stake in the making of it—at least that’s how we see it. Figuring out what these people want is the first big challenge of architecture. That’s why we creatively involve all those people up front. Not that we design by committee, but we need to know all the ways in which a building is going to affect people’s lives …we see architecture as one big, long collaboration. Our clients want to be involved, they want the process to be great, but they also want their buildings to be art that enriches and improves the daily lives of people. And maybe that’s not a bad definition of architecture.

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Real Estate

As a buyer or a seller, you want your real estate transactions to go smoothly.

Saeed Real Estate  can assist you with buying the right property for your investment as well as to sell your property for a high price.We have contacts with overseas investors and need more sellers. The market is strong for the sellers right now and you can also get quick or flexible closing and other attractive terms with us.

Investment opportunities

We are committed to the success of our client’s property investments.

Saeed Real Estate offer opportunities for accredited investors, such as self-directed IRA holders, who would like the chance to grow their portfolio with either secured or unsecured investments.

Custom Builder

We offer high-quality Custom Builder services, incorporating modern design and quality workmanship.

As your Builder contractor, we invest as much front-end time as necessary to fully comprehend a new building’s functionality. We work with your wish list, considering every factor from occupancy loads to image, time frames, and potential future expansions.

Architect Design

A full-service Architectural Design in Metro Vancouver and across Canada.

The S.R.E Vancouver is a diversified international real estate Firm and residential Builder-Designer services.Our Architectural Services Include Architectural Interior & Exterior Design, Building Drawings,3d Modeling…


We provide services that go beyond the exchange of real estate.

Saeed Real Estate Services goes well beyond the traditional real estate services. Our expert in-house services includes: buying, selling, builder-designer, architecture, luxury home design, interior design and real estate investments for buyers and sellers alike.

Advisory Services

Our team combines the resources and experience of top professionals in Site Selection and Business Incentives.

Saeed Real Estate guides clients through the real estate savings process throughout the project term, including site selection and incentives negotiation, lease execution, construction of improvements, and escalation audits.

We are determined to make a positive impact on the city
by providing modern living spaces for a new generation of homebuyers.

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Discover Your Perfect Home with the most complete source of homes for sale, buy and real estate investment.

North Vancouver


Average home price (2015): 231.6
Estimated sale price: $1,026,500

Vancouver, B.C.


Home Price Index for Vancouver:290.5
Estimated sale price: $991,800

West Vancouver


Home Price Index-West Vancouver: 297.7
Estimated sale price:$2,774,000



Home Price Index for Coquitlam: 232
Estimated sale price: $781,800

City of Burnaby


Home Price Index for Burnaby: 234.5
Estimated sale price: $780,200

Maple Ridge


Home Price Index for Maple Ridge: 193.8
Estimated sale price: $573,600

Helping Clients Get More Home For Less Money


Saeed Citchani

Agent for Hanna Realty Ltd. Brokerage

Saeed Citchani believes in the perfect process, he believes that selling and buying property should be simple, straightforward and an enjoyable experience.

The way Saeed perfected his process was through a decade of trial and error, continuous refinement, and evolving and adapting to Vancouver’s unique real estate market.


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New real-estate and development and Investment opportunities are arising every day in Vancouver. If you’re a Vancouver Land Developer or Vancouver Homeowner or Investor with a question or if you’re looking for more information about our past or present projects, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.


    Hanna Realty Ltd. #620-329 North Road Coquitlam, BC, V3K 3V8 Canada


    Office (604) 937-1122 | Fax (604) 937 0008 | Cell (604) 726-5751



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