A lot of things are important when it comes to investing in real estate. Too bad we didn’t know about them all when we began. But we know now, and that’s great for our clients. Any investor must know the market, and understand its complexities. Due diligence is always required, because very often things aren’t as they appear.

Clarity on the type of tenant desired is a corner-stone in finding investment properties that fit. Systemizing is a shrewd way to ensure all business tasks are thorough and done in a timely manner.

Common sense is another key element, one that must remain at the forefront of all pertinent decisions.
S.R.E Vancouver offers a few other things, ones that most conventional property management companies don’t. Specific to our investing services, S.R.E Vancouver consults on new purchases and offers each client a yearly portfolio review.

Three thing that make our clients enjoy!

Pays fair cash on cash return.

When you are buying a property you will take money out of your fluid financial assets – bonds, stocks – and invest it into very illiquid asset such as real estate. You were earning a rate of return on your financial assets, 4% – 6% and you should do your best to earn a fair cash-on-cash rate of return on your real estate. To do this you need to do smart investing. You need to pro forma your deals and buy cash flow-positive properties that earn you decent returns and not those prize properties that are negative.

An investment is not too risky.

Generally talking all real estate is extremely high risk. Development of real estate, private real estate funds, land, fixer upper, etc. – all of these have much higher risk profiles instead of only buying a nice established cash flow investment property. You will never see a dime of your money again in many of those investments, because there are just so many things that can go wrong! Consider simply taking fee simple title in your own name, if you want to own real estate, or an entity you completely own – to the properties you purchase. S.R.E Vancouver additionally, you have to do the proper due diligence, test, analyze, reports, review and similar things in order to make a lower risk real estate decision.

Doesn’t require a lot of managing or time.

Some properties just require way too much management and time to make them smart investments. Those examples include low quality properties in bad areas, vacation rentals, college rentals. . . To take the least time to manage, nice properties rented for a long period to well-mannered credit profile tenants can be a good idea. Additionally, treating your tenants with respect and fairly goes a long way towards keeping good relations with them and won’t get on your nerves when there is an issue you need to address. And as we already know – there will be issues. Selling your home without a realtor can be tough but it will save you some money that you can later invest in something that can make you profit.

Why invest with us?


We bring decades of experience in developing and managing some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic shopping centres and most recognisable office and industrial buildings. Today we manage one of the most established property portfolios in Australia and New Zealand.

Getting the price right!

An essential part of the research is getting the price right and only recently we had a salutary lesson in not taking ANYTHING for granted. We had calculated preliminary pricing based on the pricing of a previous project similar to the one we were undertaking. But when the “real” numbers came in, the build price was twice what we had anticipated and had we committed to the project based on preliminary pricing we would have lost money! No, we never move until the “real” prices are in, no matter how exciting the project. That way, we never get carried away with the promise and prefer to focus only on the realities of a project.


We access global property opportunities through an international network of offices in Canada and U.S.

Let us be the solution and help make your dreams become a reality too!

• Honest, ethical, and committed to achieving results
• Proven, rock-solid track record:  20 years experience combined
• Knowledgeable – Long term members of REIN (Real Estate Investment Network)
• Become a landlord/co-owner – without the hassles
• No inflating of going-in price of asset
• Focus on undervalued asset class – properties with secondary suites = strong rental and equity upside
• Excellent ROI
• Low soft costs/overhead – strong incentive to perform

our services includes:

Real Estate Services

    ♦ Residential Sales
    ♦ Residential Property Management for investors
    ♦ New home and land marketing
    ♦ Commercial Sales
    ♦ Luxury properties

Builder & Designer

  • ♦ Custom Home Building
    ♦ Home Plan Design
    ♦ Custom Kitchen & Bath Design & Build
    ♦ All types of Exterior Siding
    ♦ All types of Roofing
  • Investment

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